Video Gear | Ask Dr. Tommy
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HD Video
Now more than ever great looking video is available at affordable prices. Whether you choose camcorder-style or GoPro, the high quality output is on-par with professional production. You can also use a webcam for LIVE broadcasts (see below).
You will want to have good lighting to go with your camera. If you are shooting indoors, an good lighting setup can take your production to the next level.

Now that you’ve shot your video, you’ll need to edit it. Both Mac and PC have a variety of programs available (some like iMovie on Mac are included with the operating system). Pro level software is available as well. Many professionals use Final Cut Pro.

Take your show online with LIVE events or record and upload later with OBS Software. OBS is open-source software which means its free to use and it’s updated constantly. It runs on Mac and Windows and is an excellent way to expand your audience. The Dr. Tommy Show is recorded with OBS and beamed to Facebook Live and YouTube Live. Give it at try and if you need more help, give us a call.