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Practicing medicine is hard enough without the bureaucracy of third-party payers and the government weighing you down. Everyday more doctors walk away from the profession they love because of the red tape that has consumed modern day medical practice.

Before you quit medicine, quit insurance. We ask physicians who are contemplating a switch to contact Dr. Tommy McElroy for a complimentary one-on-one consult and if you want to start your own practice, we will work with you as a Concierge Consultant.

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Having started a concierge medicine practice from scratch, Dr. Tommy knows a lot about the process and has many resources to direct you to. We are here to help restore dignity to the doctor-patient relationship and consider it an honor to share what we’ve learned at Echelon-Health.

Concierge Medicine Today
Americans for Free Choice in Medicine
American Academy of Private Physicians
Association of American Physicians and Surgeons
Surgery Center of Oklahoma


Membership medicine is the future of primary care. If you are a resident physician in a primary care specialty and not sure what you want to do when you graduate, we should talk. Colleagues ask me all the time for qualified physicians who would be a good fit for a membership medicine practice, so there is a need for new doctors who want to work directly for patients.